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Fuckable Claims

If you break these rules {the last one especially!!}, your doting mod will go Mr. T on your ass. And believe me, homefries, she GoTZ0RZ TEH SKILLZ. Wow, was that annoying or what? I try to update the list as often as I can, so for fucks sake, be patient!

You get three claims upon joining.

You get three extra claims if you link in your userinfo.

You get four extra claims if someone joins this community per your recommendation.

Claims posted in comments will be ignored.

You may claim celebrities, LJ users, characters from televison shows, movies or books, or even songs. You can fuck to songs...yeah.

Be nice, dammit!!

Claims List

♥ Absolute O'Brien (CD by Richard O'Brien) yobadself
♥ Acker, Amy scififan151852
♥ Aguilera, Christina the_fairy_bitch
♥ Aiken, Liam soleil_luna
♥ Alan Rickman's pudge warcryer
♥ Alec of Kerry (character: "Nightrunner" series by Lynn Flewelling) daughter_moon
♥ "Alias" easybeef...only TV show that can be claimed. Sorry.
♥ All the fishes in the Land of Uhn-Glund kurt_the_teapot
♥ Apple, Fiona the_fairy_bitch
♥ Armstrong, Billie Joe musik_phreak
LJ user "audio_freak" musik_phreak

♥ Balk, Fairuza yobadself
♥ Benson, Amber scififan151852
♥ Biggerstaff, Sean easybeef
♥ Bihan, Samuel Le deadlyvelvet
♥ Black, Sirius {character: "Harry Potter series" by J.K. Rowling} myrafur
♥ Bloom, Orlando bloomsmistress
♥ Bolooki, Cyrus (New Found Glory Drummer) musik_phreak
♥ Boone, Christopher John Francis (character: "the curious incident of the dog in the night time" by Mark Haddon) angelfirenze
♥ Boreanaz, David bloomsmistress
♥ Bouvier, Pierre musik_phreak
♥ Bowie, David nutriabob
♥ Boyd, Brandon angelfirenze
♥ Braff, Zach mishapenhrtache
♥ Brandon, Colonal (character: Sense and Sensability" deadlyvelvet
♥ Brody, Adam shree72
♥ Brody, Adrien nutriabob
♥ Brolly, Shane tattooedraven
♥ Brown, Tom (character : "Tom Brown's Schooldays" by Thomas Hughes) hpsauce
♥ Butler, Gerard hazyshadedsky

♥ Cabrera, Ryan insecure_beauty
♥ Canoes thisfishflies
♥ Carmine, Robert sugarnspike613
♥ Carraway, Nick {character: "The Great Gatsby"} noticeably
♥ Caulfield, Emma scififan151852
♥ Chase, Dr. Robert (character, House M.D.) angelfirenze
♥ Chris {character: "Charmed"} sixgunsound
♥ Christensen, Hayden mysundownnn
♥ Christopher, William daughter_moon
♥ Colbert, Steven crudelydrawn
♥ Cobb, Justin (character: "Thumbsucker") angelfirenze
♥ Combs, Holly-Marie giggles1589
♥ Constantine, John (character: Hellblazer graphic novels) angelfirenze
♥ Cook, Dane musik_phreak
♥ Costner, Kevin deadlyvelvet
♥ Cuddy, Dr. Lisa (character, House M.D.) angelfirenze

♥ D. Carlos easybeef
♥ Damon, Matt easybeef
♥ Day, Cooper (of The Days) angelfirenze
♥ Denisof, Alexis lilacdream7
♥ Diesel, Vin giggles1589
♥ Diaz, Cameron wanabapirate
LJ user "dragong" tatooedraven
♥ Draper, Aram (aka Numair Salmalin) {character: "Wild Magic Series" by Tamora Pierce} sixgunsound
♥ Drop Dead Fred nutriabob
♥ Duchovny, David dancing_crazy
♥ Dunst, Kirsten wanabapirate
♥ Dynamite, Kip {character: "Napolean Dynamite"} mishapenhrtache
♥ Dynamite, Napolean {character: "Napolean Dynamite"} insecure_beauty

♥ Earmuffs the Circus Clown kurt_the_teapot...uh yeah
♥ Electra, Carmen kurt_the_teapot
♥ Elrohir (Character: "Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien) daughter_moon
LJ user "emo_prince" rainonpromnight
♥ Epps, Omar chasing_house

♥ Fanfare!! myrafur
♥ Filicia, Thom noticeably
♥ Filth, Dani xwitchxhuntx
♥ Fitzgerald, Martin (character: Without a trace) so_bambiesque
♥ Ford, Harrison easybeef
♥ Full Metal Alchemist thisfishflies

LJ user "gala_apples" x_kid
♥ Garner, Jennifer easybeef
♥ Gatsby, Jay {character: "The Great Gatsby"} noticeably
♥ Glorfindel judas_iscariot
♥ Golightly, Holly {character: "Breakfast at Tiffanys"} hpsauce
♥ Goren, Bobby (character: "Law&Order: Criminal Intent") angelfirenze
LJ user "gothomas" holding_marilyn
♥ Greene, Khalil (player for San Diego Padres) hazyshadedsky
♥ General Grievous (character: "Star Wars") nutriabob
♥ Griffin, Erik xwitchxhuntx
♥ Groban, Josh weirdpinay

♥ Halos and Horns (song) sugarnspike613
♥ Hannigan, Alyson scififan151852
♥ Hanson, Isaac winterbutterfly
♥ Hargitay, Mariska nhlbiffle
♥ Harris, Neil Patrick easybeef
♥ Hawkins, Dan hpsauce
♥ Hayek, Salma myrafur
♥ Hirsch, Emile musik_phreak
♥ House, Dr. Gregory (character: House M.D.) brynnamorgan

♥ I Think I Lost Myself (song) sugarnspike613
♥ Iero, Frank angelfirenze
♥ Issacs, Jason deadlyvelvet

LJ user "jadarene" myrafur
♥ Jackman, Hugh easybeef
♥ Jareth the Goblin King elfladyarwen
♥ Jean-Claude lilacdream7
♥ Jinn, Qui-Gon {Character: Star Wars} daughter_moon
♥ JKR thisfishflies
♥ Jolie, Angelina warcryer
♥ Jordison, Joey xwitchxhuntx
♥ Jovovich, Milla gothomas

♥ Kapranos, Alexander (Lead Singer, Franz Ferdinand) musik_phreak
♥ Keller, Christopher (character, "Oz") hazyshadedsky
♥ Kenney, Ben (Bass, backing vocals for "Incubus") musik_phreak
♥ Killers, The {Band} soleil_luna
♥ Knightley, Keira bloomsmistress
♥ Craven (character: "Underworld") tatooedraven

♥ Lamb, Wally x_kid
♥ Larkin, Shannon sugarnspike613
♥ Law, Jude myrafur
♥ Laurie, Hugh brynnamorgan
♥ Lenk, Tom scififan151852
♥ Lockheart, Gilderoy nutriabob
♥ Lord Elrond daughter_moon
♥ Lowe, Rob so_bambiesque
♥ Lupin, Remus noticeably

♥ Magic Dance (song) warcryer
♥ Malfoy, Draco (character: Harry Potter) shree72
♥ Malfoy, Lucius (character: Harry Potter) x_kid
♥ Manson, Marilyn xwitchxhuntx
♥ Manson, Shirley the_fairy_bitch
♥ Marsters, James lilacdream7
♥ McGregor, Ewan noticeably
♥ McKinley, Cosmo (character: "Shock Treatment") yobadself
♥ Meloni, Christopher easybeef
♥ Meyers, Jonathan Rhys hpsauce
♥ Michiru (aka "Sailor Neptune") giggles1589
♥ Monaghan, Dominic rainonpromnight
♥ Montgomery, Eddie (of Montgomery Gentry) brynnamorgan
♥ Moran, Dylan hpsauce
♥ Moore, Demi nlhbiffle
♥ Morissette, Alanis nlhbiffle
♥ Morrison, Jennifer chasing_house
♥ Morrison, Jim warcryer
♥ Mortensen, Viggo elfladyarwen
♥ Mr. Hand {character: "Dark City"} yobadself
♥ Mraz, Jason soleil_luna
♥ Munch, John (character: "Law&Order: Special Victims Unit") angelfirenze
♥ Murray, Chad Micheal shree72

♥ Neeson, Liam easybeef

♥ O'Brien, Conan easybeef
♥ O'Brien, Richard yobadself
♥ Orange, Mr. (character: "Resevoir Dogs") nutriabob
♥ Osbourne, Daniel "Oz" (character: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") angelfirenze

♥ Pace, Charlie {character: "Lost"} rainonpromnight
♥ Paradis, Vanessa judas_iscariot
♥ Patel, Pascine Molitor "Pi" (character: "Life of Pi") angelfirenze
♥ Phantom, the {character: "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber} hazyshadedsky
♥ Phelps, James winterbutterfly
♥ Phelps, Michael weirdpinay
♥ Philippe, Ryan shree72
♥ Phoenix, Joaquin chiarastorm
♥ Phoenix, River chiarastorm
♥ Pierce, David Hyde daughter_moon
♥ Pitt, Brad shree72
♥ Potter, Harry {character: "Harry Potter" by J K Rowling} daughter_moon
♥ Prince Harry weirdpinay
♥ Professor, The {character: "Gilligan's Island"} noticeably
♥ Pucci, Lou Taylor crudelydrawn

♥ Queen Latifah easybeef

♥ Radcliffe, Daniel veelaoferised
LJ user "rainonpromnight" emo_prince
♥ Ramirez, Twiggy xwitchxhuntx
♥ Rankin, Chris winterbutterfly
♥ Reeves, Keanu chiarastorm
♥ Rickman, Alan noticeably
♥ Riff Raff {character: "Rocky Horror Picture SHow"} yobadself
♥ Ritter, Tyson (lead singer: "All-American Rejects") musik_phreak

♥ Seregil daughter_moon
♥ Sergeevna, Lena gothomas
♥ Shakespeare, William x_kid
♥ Silence Interrupted (band) sugarnspike613
♥ Simon { character: "Daughter of the Forest" by Juliet Marillier} sixgunsound
♥ Skywalker, Anakin {character: "Star Wars"} giggles1589
♥ Smith, Gregory easybeef
♥ Smith, Robert myrafur
♥ Smith, Will noticeably
♥ Snape, Severus (character : "Harry Potter" by J K Rowling) hpsauce
♥ Solo, Han {character: "Star Wars"}easybeef
♥ Sparrow, Jack {character: "Pirates of the Caribbean"} noticeably
♥ Spears, Britney wanabapirate
LJ user "specialcoolguy" mishapenhrtache
♥ Stabler, Elliot (character: "Law&Order: Special Victims Unit") hazyshadedsky
♥ Statham, Jason giggles1589
♥ Stewart, John crudelydrawn
♥ Stiles, Julia the_fairy_bitch
♥ Strong, Danny scififan151852
♥ Sumpter, Jeremy insecure_beauty
LJ user "sylrrha_falcate" metal_fan

♥ Tennant, David chasing_house
♥ The Pinnacle (song) sugarnspike613
LJ user "thisisusername" insecure_beauty
♥ Thorpe, Ian easybeef
♥ Thurman, Uma the_fairy_bitch
♥ Travolta, John hazyshadedsky
♥ Trinnear, Connor easybeef
LJ user "twilight_ghost" tatooedraven
♥ Tyler, Liv gothomas

♥ Urban, Karl judas_iscariot

♥ Valmont, Vicomte Sebastien de (character: "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclosdeadlyvelvet
♥ Valo, Ville xwitchxhuntx

♥ Weasley, Fred {character: "Harry Potter" by J K Rowling} daughter_moon
♥ Weasley, George {character: "Harry Potter" by J K Rowling} daughter_moon

LJ user "xwormboyx" holding_marilyn


♥ Zabini, Blaise {character: "Harry Potter" by J K Rowling} hpsauce